The Valentines Witch Ritual Kit includes:


The Love Aurora Anointing Balm 1 oz. made with jojoba oil, rose absolute, sandalwood, cedarwood, orange, geranium, beeswax and vitamin E. All organic. Apply the Love Aurora Anointing Balm to warm areas of your body, where you want to be kissed and smell of soft roses and grounding cedarwood. Anoint yourself to prepare for ritual, meditation and to connect with these plant spirits associated with love. Avoid mucous membranes and do not ingest.


The Love Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate made with cistanche, black ginger and mucuna, and none of the bad stuff. This sugar free chocolate bar is the smoothest and tastiest chocolates Health Witch has every found. Cistanche, black ginger and mucuna are all noted aphrodisiacs and associated with passion. Do not consume if pregnant or breast feeding.


Two red candles for some candle magick and a Paramour Ritual Spell Card from the beautiful Spells Deck, created by witch Cat Cabral and illustrated by Kim Knoll. Carve your personal symbols of love onto the candle and burn for two nights, beginning on Friday. Do not leave candles unattended. Also included is a blank letter for you to scribe a love ode to yourself.


A heart shaped rose quartz stone that can be used to help call in love energy. It can also be used to message your face (make sure the stone is cleansed first) to bring a beautiful glow to your face, pair with the H.W. Apothecary Rejuvenation Oil (sample also included).


The Tinited Beauty Balm to bring a rosy tint to your lips, checks and eyelids. This beauty balm was inspired by an ancient Egyptian recipe that used alkanet root, it is also the earliest recorded plant used to color cosmetics. Alkanet root is what gives this balm its subtle and beautiful tint. Crafted with jojoba oil* that has been infused with alkanet root* for over two months, beeswax, rose,* rosemary* and vitamin E. *Organic. Bottled in a glass .5 oz. jar.


The Golden Stars & Moon Spiced Tea large 7 oz. jar to spice up your life. A powdered spiced tea made with warming calming spices and a generous amount of pearl known to promote digestive health, mental clarity, rejuvenation, anti-inflammation, and collagen growth for lustful skin and hair. An antioxidant and mineral rich potion to invoke love, healing and beauty in your everyday ritual. No sugar added. Organic. Free trade. Non-irradiated spices.


Love Bath Sachets made with organic whole milk, rose absolute and rose petals. Included are 3 organic bath sachets to soften your skin. Add to your bath or a large bowl or bucket of water to sooth and soften your feet.


You will receive in your box a coupon for 20% off your next order, and in the spirit of love, Health Witch will also be donating 10% of all Valentines Witch Ritual Kits proceeds to Planned Parenthood.


Created in ritual for ritual. Handcrafted in USA.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Valentines Witch Ritual Kit