The knowledge of Blue Vervain stems back to the ancient Egyptians and Druids, and the North America variety is known as Wild Hysop used among the Mohegan and Montauck Tribes in Southern New England. Vervain has some unique properties to help ease stress brought about by “overthinking,” boost circulation and ease headaches, and is a bitter herb to cleanse the blood. Legend has it, vervain will ward off vampires, it being so well associated with warding off bad energy and is an ingredient in love potions.


In tea, vervain is a very strong bitter used to cleanse the blood. Vervain will also aid the liver to help clear your skin. 


Directions: enjoy as tea, foot soak, herb bath, in rituals and floor washes to invite peace


*Should not be used in pregnancy unless under supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Created by Artist, Herbalist, Witch

13 oz. Grown in the USA. 


We invite you to recycle the bag, and return leftover and used herb to compost. The herb was packaged with care with twice (even triple) the amount of conventional tea to reduce consumer waste. 

Organic Blue Vervain

  • The recyclable bag contains 13 oz. of dried loose Organic Blue Vervain (Verbena hasta). For drink, the beneficial herb is not for the faint of harts. The taste of Blue Vervain is acrid and very bitter, lending it its qualities as a bitter tonic, nervine sedative, and diuretic among other beneficial attributes. 


    The Blue Vervain was also chosen for its historical significance, use in the craft and limited availability in the market.