Suitable for all hair types. This anti-inflammatory oil nurtures the scalp, reduces hair loss and encourages hair growth. It also creates a healthy barrier for the scalp and hair to ward off environmental toxins, dryness and water loss.


This potion is made with jojoba, camelina, tamanu, cypress, cedarwood, and sandalwood oils. All organic ingredients. Read below to learn more about these potent ingredients.


Directions: Message into roots. Best if left on overnight, shampoo in the morning. Use on the ends of your hair to add shine, moisturize, and reduces breakage. An ancient blend of oils to nurture the scalp, reduce hair loss, and encourage hair growth.


Jojoba: Jojoba is a super ingredient in this potion. Jojoba helps balance oil production, reduce inflammation, cleanses and “unclogs” to encourage hair growth. It has been used historically to treat eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis of the scalp.


Camelina: Camelina oil has some of the most impressive qualities to keep inflammation at bay, and moisturize the scalp and hair with its high concentration of fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid. These fatty acids help to regulate oil production. Camelina oil is a “light” oil, meaning it will absorb quickly, control frizz and not weight down even fine hair.


Tamanu: The history of tamanu oil goes back to antiquity, and is used to encourage hair growth, stronger tresses, and reduce hair loss. Used historically to treat an inflammed scalp, and fungal infections of the scalp that lead to hair loss. Just like camelina, it also contains a high concentration of linoleic fatty acid that works to protect the scalp from inflammation, decongests hair follicles to promote hair growth, and contains a rich dose of polyphenols to enhance blood flow and microcirculation to the scalp. This is one of those oils – the more you use it, the more benefit you get.


Cypress: Cypress is used in this oil to help strengthen follicles and pores to prevent hair loss. It also helps to manage oil production in order to promote hair growth.


Cedarwood: Cedarwood increases circulation to reduce hair thinning – a great ingredient to have in your arsenal if you are suffering from alopecia (and of course managing your stress levels). Like Tamanu it also fights dandruff and fungal infections that cause hair to fall out.


Sandalwood: Scientists now are just beginning to understand how beneficial sandalwood oil is for hair growth. Research conducted out of the University of Manchester found that participants that applied sandalwood to their scalps prolonged hair growth and stimulated new hair growth. For those of you familiar with the healing benefits of aromatherapy, the smell of sandalwood has also been linked to the smell receptor OR2AT4 that regulates hair growth, and halts the destruction of keratin cells.


1 oz. Handcrafted. Small Batch. 


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Hair Growth & Scalp Oil