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"I am drinking again the Health Witch tea [the Golden Stars & Moon Spiced Tea], just because I am in love with it, and what I also love too is that it comes in a powdered form so I can put it into my smoothies, which I started doing"

Tonya Brown, Host of The Daily Witch Show, verified customer since January 2020

"I heard about Health Witch on the Witch Wave podcast. So happy I did! I purchased the Golden Stars & Moon tea mix and never have I felt so goddess like from the "mundane" morning routine. I mean, I'm now drinking real pearls in the morning and my skin is glowing from the inside out!

Anonymous, verified customer since May 2019

Finally, a product that satisfies all my facial needs!  As a fair skinned New Englander, skin care is always challenging, especially for my face.  I used to buy high end face lotions, believing their claim to moisturize for up to 48 hours, only to apply at least twice daily to avoid dryness.  I also used to dread washing my face knowing it would feel stripped of all moisture no matter how gentle the product claimed to be. Not anymore! I have discovered the Rejuvenation Oil. My skin is notably happier after just two weeks. I can’t believe how far just a small amount of the product goes. I apply 3-5 drops once daily after the shower. Massage it in and I am good to go for at least 24hrs!  It’s so easy I am sill amazed by how happy my skin is with such minimal attention.  As an added bonus it has also helped reduce redness! I started mixing it with warm water on a facecloth for gentle cleaning & my face feels fresh without the afore mentioned drawback to traditional facial cleansers.  My only complaint is that I didn’t start using it sooner! Thank you Health Witch!

Kayla Densmore, verified customer since September 2019

Rejuvenation Oil and Golden Stars & Moon Tea have become part of my daily routine...At the beginning of 2019 Ashley was launching Health Witch, she was gracious enough to gift me some samples of her new items. I immediately fell head over heals for the Rejuvenation Oil. I’ve always been a fan of moisturizing with direct oils, preferably rose for its calming properties, but the Rejuvenation Oil brings it to a whole new level. There is no doubt that ample time was spent to get this elixir absolutely perfect. I feel like a goddess every day when the first drop touches my skin. I use it head to toe, quite literally. Scalp, face, décolleté, arms and legs... it’s simply delightful. 

My daily routine has also changed with the addition of Golden Stars & Moon Tea. As long time self proclaimed ‘tea snob’ I tend to be persnickety when it comes to tea blends. Yet again, this blend is unparalleled. From the first sip you feel the warm glow of the turmeric, the cardamom, cinnamon and clove dance in rhythmic perfection on your palate. Who knew?! Tea that is not only pleasing to the senses but good for you too?! The crushed fresh water pearl is an added bonus; delivering calmness and working on a molecular level repairing DNA and promoting collagen production. My favorite way to drink the tea is blended with warm almond milk and a drizzle of honey. However this tea is great with just water and even iced. (Dusted over vanilla gelato is a treat!) 

Rhiannon Satalino, verified customer since July 2019

"My favorite way to enjoy the spiced tea is at night before bed. I make a "golden milk," a tsp of tea, and maple syrup bc I like just a tad of sweet. I warm it up on the stove and its the perfect thing when winding down from a busy day!"

Danielle Young, verified customer since May 2019

"Thank you Health Witch for the beautiful [Healing] Face Mask. I use it every other day and I swear there is something unique about it. It tightens my skin and my pores look smaller. I'm 56 and I feel beautiful!"

Deborah Lehto, verified customer since April 2019

"The oil is amazing for acne! It is true. I dropped the expensive $200+ creams and my harsh prescription for the face oil. Thank goddess!"

Anonymous, verified customer since May 2019

The Rejuvenation Oil from Health Witch went from a product I was interested in to a product that I must have in my daily skin regiment. The natural rose oil has calmed my redness in my face and leaves me with soft skin. I also use this product on my cuticles weekly before self manicure. In result I ended with smoother cuticles & stronger nail beds. I was curious if the oil would leave me greasy as I've experienced in the past with drugstore oils, but I was left with clean, fresh skin. Thrilled to find a multipurpose product I love. Thanks Health Witch.

Shelby Pendleton, verified customer since June 2019

I think it was in April that I first got to sample the rejuvenation oil, boy was that a treat. My hands were soft, smelled of a beautiful, pure almost cinnamon like essence that leaves you feeling calm and ready to take on the world. I like to also use this in the morning under my eyes to help reduce the fine lines of my eyes. This multi use product is really pure gold in a liquid form. Everyone needs to try this as there are many uses.

I have large pores and have used many products,  the healing face mask helps tighten my skin leaving it worth a youthful glow, I like that it does not overly dry my skin out.  I also like that a little goes a long way. 

I am super excited to give these products five stars out of five stars

Jennifer Farquharson, verified customer since July 2019

The Rejuvenation Oil is an amazing product for sensitive skin. I love how weightless it feels, it moisturizes, tones and heals! The smell of roses and herbs is so delicately wonderful and calming!

I have the spiced tea either with coffee in the morning or with coconut milk and honey as golden milk later in the day. I prefer it warm. The pearl is an added great benefit! And altogether the benefits of this spiced tea are exceptional!

Helen Villafuerte, verified customer since July 2019


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