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Updated: May 30, 2019

The creation of H.W. Apothecary.

Health Witch launched H.W. Apothecary last month on April 29th. We are truly grateful and blessed for the support of our customers, our 950+ new followers on Instagram, and those we have been able to help by sharing our knowledge on health, herbalism and beauty.

The creator and herbalist of H.W. Apothecary is Dr. Ashley Murphy, who we call Ash here. Like most healers, she has battled illness and sought the answers she needed, answers the biomedical community could not offer. Upset with the current standards in dermatology, hormone management, screening and prevention she wanted to help herself and others find non-abrasive, healthy alternatives to the norm and create spaces for community education. More than that, she set out to create products that felt less like treatments and more like beauty rituals and relaxation. She created beauty and health supporting organic potions that elevate the body, mind and soul, and connect to something deeper spiritually. The plants used, the bottle artwork, to the texture and smell are mythic.

"It's a horrible experience to be covered in blemishes in your mid-thirties, serving as a public educator, talking in front of people all the time. It really breaks down your confidence. You want to make yourself small" says Ash. In and out of dermatology offices, leaving with retinol, antibiotic and steroid prescriptions that did little but make her face inflamed, and did nothing for the scarring and the emotional upset it left behind. "The birth control pill also took its toll, leading to estrogen dominance that made havoc on my skin, a jawline full of acne. When I was younger I thought my main concern would be wrinkles!" mentions Ash. She talked about the importance of diet, and the role her plant allies have played in managing hyperglycemia. And anyone who knows her, knows she has a special love for vervain.

"I was going to do whatever it took internally and externally to get rid of my acne, and to enjoy myself and my beauty. Life is short, I was like, I'm here to finally take up space in this life, to be seen. I have a duty as a witch too, to help others who feel hopeless in this" says Ash.

For years she researched ancient beauty secrets from the Native Americans, the Japanese, Egyptians, to modern advancements made in beauty. Pouring through scientific studies, grimoires (or recipe books as they call them in her family), farmer almanacs and personal diaries of royalty. A time past, when people had connections to plants and their ability to heal. They didn't find their skincare solutions overnight in no lab, they understood through a millennia of use. I wanted the liquid gold (also known as jojoba oil) used by Native American shamans and healers, I wanted the rose medicine of antiquity that grew in the gardens of Circe, Hecate and Aphrodite, the elixirs of Egyptian queens, the lavender fields of my ancestors, and the treasured resins of Indian palaces. I would work with no less" says Ash.

She began sourcing the purest, organic, non-radiated skincare ingredients she could find. Crafting till she came up with the potions you see today at the H.W. Apothecary, including the Healing Face Mask, the Rejuvenation Oil and the Golden Stars & Moon Spiced Tea. Potions that are inspired by earthly queens, witches and heavenly goddesses.

"Understand my face is still not perfect, I'm still coping with hormonal issues, but what a true blessing to now have these creations, all three, the oil, mask and tea that work in unison to calm my body inside and out. My face is calm and healed, acne and scaring is significantly reduced and wrinkles faded. The best part, my skin is way less oily" mentions Ash. She adds the spiced tea to her morning coffee every morning, meditates with the face mask on every third morning, and uses the Rejuvenation Oil on her face and body morning and night mixed with rose water.

"In my meditations, I had asked for skin as soft and clear as rose petals. I now have it. As above so below, as within as without (or on the outside). Trust me I count my blessings" she says. She is also the artist that created all the product labels, enclosing them with an artistic spell. The images of flowers, the moon's rays and the golden sun are reminders to glow, to enjoy earthly pleasures and to reap the energetic properties of the enclosed plant magick.

"I also wanted to sell products in a way that was earth friendly" she remarked. She decided to sell her potions in recycled glass bottles that are twice if not three times the size of conventional beauty products to cut back on consumer waste. "Understand I want to do my part on earth and maintain clean practices, as best I can. I understand some people may be in sticker shock with the price, but when you break it down, you are getting the highest quality ingredients at a very affordable price. I really think it needs to be accessible to all" says Ash. And she is right. You can drink the pearled tea (these are real pearls!) in the morning $1.01 a serving, enjoy her liquid gold face, body, everything oil for under $22.00 an ounce (the size of a normal skincare product), and a face mask that smells heavenly, heals and doubles as a facial scrub for under $4.00 a mask.

Ash and the Health Witch team are also busy working on custom orders for individuals to help people in their skincare and spiritual needs.

We at Health Witch are so thankful to share with all of you our beauty rituals. We also love to hear from you! Reach out to us anytime at and find us on Instagram @health_witch_

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