Ostara - The Spring Equinox

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Ostara is celebrated in some form around the world. It is when the day and night are equally as long, and we rejoice in the coming of spring. We survived the winter. So let this time be to find balance in what seems to be right now an “upside down” world. Like the winter, we will survive this contagion. To get your mind off the unsettling situations, let’s focus on the beauty of the season together.

The Ostara Health Witch To-Do List:

  • Re-pot house plants

  • Begin seed-starters in-doors. In six-weeks re-plant herbs in pots on porch. Easy to reach herb garden!

  • Clean the house (dust harbors negative energy)

  • Clean out the closet, make room for my beautiful pieces. Donate items I have not worn in over 6 months.

  • Clean out my skincare and make-up bags. Get rid of items expired and make a list of items I need to replenish (now is the time to stock-up! HW Apothecary is having their Spring Sale!)

  • Plan out the garden

  • Enjoy the sun. At least 10 minutes per day for much needed Vitamin D.

  • Create an Ostara Alter with spring flowers, a decorative dish of water to soak seeds before planting, colored eggs, and light pastel colored candles (the natural soft yellow beeswax are my favorite by Mithras Candles)

Magical Spring Flowers for the Home

Spring flowers that often come to mind are the crocus, daffodil, violet, primrose, anemone, dandelion, and the tulip. Here are three of my favorite:

Daffodils are associated with new beginnings, love and fertility.

Dandelions are thought to help enhance your intuition. Enjoy a cup of this bitter tea (roasted dandelion root or unroasted) to experience psychic dreams. Keep a journal by your bed to record your dreams. Your dreams may bring awareness to things you want to change in the upcoming months – think and mediate before bed on self-renewal and rebirth.

Tulips are all about love magic. Get some Tulip Fever by creating your own flower essence. Pick in early morning, and let the flower sit in distilled water for 3 hours. Mix with ½ bourbon or another alcohol, bottle and use when in need of a loving state of mind.

The Spring Equinox Feast

Symbols of Ostara are eggs (yes, those Easter eggs are part of the Ostara ritual), spring flowers and the hare. Decorate the home with these symbols and in colors of pale green, white, violet and yellow. Graze on wild-foraged foods of dandelion leaves, nettle tops, morel mushrooms, violets and garlic. Fruits and vegetables that are in season are carrots, kale, leeks, brussel sprouts, beetroot radicchio and other hardy root vegetables. Herbs associated with this time of year are Irish moss, wood betony, and yellow dock. Create an intentional meal with a beautiful green salad to call in new growth and beginnings, and balance.

Health Witch Tarot Pick for Ostara

The Ace of Wands: Now is the time to plan, to foster your enthusiasm for your deep renewal. Focus on your creativity in this troubling time. Take up a new skill. Maybe knitting, learning the guitar, reading tarot cards, cooking new meals inspired by Ancient lands, et.,? Find your passion, because good things are about to happen.

Spell for Ostara: A Broom Spell to Usher in Positive Spring Energy

Ever walk into those rooms of your home where you just begin to feel “un-easy”? De-clutter that room, and cleanse the space to feel more comfortable, and get rid of any oppressive energy. Replace with sacredness, because that is what your personal space should be.

  1. Sweep your room from west to east

  2. Toss the dust outdoors (not in your trash can)

  3. Smoke your broom with sage

  4. Follow with a ritual floor wash of protective herbs such as vervain.

  5. Seal your work by saying the following: “I replace energies of past with energies a new, and create a space of flowering possibilities of self-renewal. This space is protected and attracts all that is good and serves my highest self.”

Happy Ostara Witches!