Love Yourself. Confidence Building & Herbal Allies.

Happy New Year my Health Witch friends and family! In 2020 we welcome in the year of the Emperor. A year to embrace our power, authority, being heard and taking up our space. I have been approached more than once by people looking for herbs to help build confidence and ease anxiety. I wish I could say there is a magick herb, but there is not. This takes inner work, putting yourself in scary situations and really learning how to evolve. Now when I mean scary, I mean putting yourself out there to experience new situations and opportunities that help you grow. Break free from the avoidance attitude (which does nothing but bring anxiety), and truly accomplish what you want and create meaningful relationships. Below find some advice on confidence building strategies.

Dispel the notion that confident people are confident all the time. People are most confident in what they enjoy and what they are versed in, and with people they are comfortable with, or spend a significant time around. Do some shadow work by journaling triggers and times you experience social anxiety or lack of confidence. Bringing awareness is step one, now step two is there something you can do about it? If so, do it, but have patience with yourself. For example, feeling like you don’t measure up to that rich neighbor because your material wealth does not meet their expectation? Create your own expectations and really get down to it. Are you trying to meet their expectation because you want to be happy? If happiness is your end goal (not the actual riches), focus on what makes you happy, that you can control and that kind of control will help create confidence.

Do that inner work and visualize. Meditate and think on your ideal self. If you were confident and at your highest potential, what would that actually look like? How would you act? Visualization is a good strategy to help guide you there. In spell work, the most successful spells cast by any witch are those that are thought out with the end goal visualized, and the spell is worded as if the witch has already attained it. Now you don’t need to be a witch to do this (and call it a mantra if you feel more comfortable). This practice lets the universe know what you want, and it creates that space for your confident self in your subconscious. Spells become methodical thoughts, and thoughts become reality.

Need a little help visualizing your higher self. We need to create our own path, but we can find inspiration in actors, characters in books, from loved ones, ancestors, etc. We can take on their confidence and act on it till it becomes our own. Dressing the part and doing a little glamour magick helps too.

Speak to yourself as if you would speak to someone you love. You would not speak negatively to someone you love, so don’t do it to yourself. Work on that self-love, and reframe your way of thinking.

Most of the time, no one is actually looking at you anyway. Show up to do your thing as if no one is watching.

There are some herbal allies to help you along this path, to help with the insecurity. The dry mouth, diarrhea, rapid pulse, palpitations, tightness in chest, sweaty palms, loss of appetite, fatigue…..sound familiar? Long term this insecurity and lack of confidence can also manifest in depression.

Try making herbal infusions with uplifting herbs such as rosemary, lavender and ginseng.

In aromatherapy, jasmine can help you improve your outlook and that plant friend encourages positivity, while marjoram and thyme can help boost your confidence.

Flower essences are also beneficial. The plant spirits mimulus can help with fear of the unknown; elm for a temporarily feeling of being overwhelmed or social anxiety; and crab apple can help with poor self-image.

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