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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Stand up for your freedom to create your medicine.

Fire cider is a potent tonic for vitality and to ward off winter colds – prized for its antiviral properties. The roots of Fire Cider are hundreds if not thousands of years old, and there are many variations on the recipe. This a medicine of hearth and home, and it belongs to the people.

On March 25, 2019, activists will be in court to fight against the wrongful trademark of Fire Cider brought about by Shire City Herbals in 2012. So if we can still make and sell our tonics, what’s in a name? Well think about it, would you trademark names such chocolate-chip cookie, lemon cake or red potato pizza? Seems ridiculous right, but in all seriousness this only serves to confuse customers about what Fire Cider is (when they see all different names on the market) – it creates barriers to availability. From the standpoint of the herbalist this stifles freedom, and is just another exploitation of traditional healing in the name of greed.

To voice and defend your freedom, please take action at

Health Witch Fire Cider Recipe

Ingredients and quantities can be adjusted to your preference. Make Fire Cider yours.

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, horseradish, burdock, white onions, garlic, honey, rosemary, oranges

Preparation: Peel and blend horseradish into a course poultice, cut burdock into chunks and short boil of 10 minutes, dice your white onions and garlic first removing the skins, and simply cut your orange

Directions: Place your horseradish, burdock, white onions, garlic, rosemary, and oranges in a large glass container and cover with apple cider vinegar and honey to taste. Don’t forget to put a tight cover on it. Let it sit in your fridge for at least six weeks (shake the bottle once a week), strain, bottle and be well.

Rosemary. Rosmarinus officinalis.
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