Good Food, True Beauty was created to help link people to health information, healers, online guides, and high quality goods for good health. Remember health is physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Find chemicals that are lurking in your day to day. Petri dish not needed.

What we buy informs our health and tells people what you stand for. Low quality goods break ending up in landfills, oceans and among the poor, and worse yet they try to mimic quality ingredients with toxins that compromise your health.

There has been a rise in small businesses that focus on true ingredients, ingredients that actually fortify our health (rather than deplete it), and tangible things that people can connect to. And yes, quality ingredients, fair trade and fair labor cost more, and sustainable practices can still be challenging – but trust me you get what you pay for, and it reflects in your health and in the community you live in.

In the next couple of months, I will put together some guides on the best, clean and sustainable brands I adore. In the meantime, find out what is making you sick.

Here are some guides to get you started:

  • Check out the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” Cosmetics Database. This is an amazing database that you can search through to find out if your personal products are safe. On their website you can also expect to find guides on avoiding GMO foods, safe sunscreens, tap water, and everyday items that are endocrine disruptors (aka, things that mess with your hormones and you beauty). Just to name a few.

  • Vani Hari's guides and resources at Food Babe

  • Did you know just about all fast food restaurants list their ingredients online? For any fast food restaurant, try searching “ingredients in (add name of restaurant) food” into your web browser. You just may be amazed. Some of the worst ingredients to avoid are hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate, potassium bromate…and well any ingredient that is a mystery to you.

If there are other consumer guides and small companies you think I should know about, please let me know! Send your messages to

Be well.

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