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Health Witch guide to clothing. Earth Friendly-Human Rights-True Artistry-Authentic Adornment.

Sun Child's Silks

I look for clothing that has artistic detail, clothing actually infused with the energy of an artist. I look for business that make clothing with little impact on mother earth – clothes made from actual plant dyes if possible. Better yet, if you are going to buy clothing, what if you could help people and support just causes? Scroll down for the #cleanclotheschallenge and a list of Health Witch approved clothing sites.

Be part of the Clean Clothes Campaign. Be informed on what you buy, reduce pollution, and ensure safe, fair wages for people around the world. The Clean Clothes Campaign works with global partners to protect the rights of women in the textile industry through education, direct support to the abused, and advocacy.

Below find a list of Health Witch's favorite.

The Robe Lives

Travel enthusiasts (putting it lightly) Andrew and Adrienne McDermott are the anthropologists of the clothing word. They meet people from the around the globe documenting cultural experiences and highlighting social causes and charity organizations with their beautiful robes. Every purchase supports The Cup Charity that addresses the needs and education of adolescent girls around the world.

Gia Conceptions

Looking for organic fabrics, natural plant dyes, made in USA and the handmade tailor experience? The founder and designer Andrea has provided just that. Her site features women’s and children’s clothing lines.

Serpent and Bow

Lingerie that displays the spirituality of the feminine. Symbolic cotton pieces that feature the moon cycle, Venus, the sacred vessel, bay and flowers of empowerment. Creator Rachel Blodgett works with hand-carved imagery, real plant dyes, and real natural fabrics. In her words, she offers “handmade lingerie and ritual garments that honor the connection between Body and Spirit, serving as talismans of courage, liberty, and life-sustaining power of hope.”


Remake sums it up all too well: “because fast fashion is out. Bargain prices disempower women, exploit our natural resources and contribute to limitless waste.” If you still want follow designer trends, looking for modern silhouettes and sportswear you can find it here. Even shoes.

Sun Child

I’m a lover of silk clothing, it feels so good on the skin. Elissa Kravetz is the owner of Sun Child who makes available the most beautiful silk dresses, and each piece is recycled, handmade and blessed. Sun Child has been creating jobs and giving back since 2015. If you do not see what you want on her website, she is so gracious setting up personal appointments via Skype and FaceTime.

If you think your business should be added to this list, let us know! Email Health Witch at

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