A Desirous 2021 Year - Make Yourself Proud

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Every year I think on ways to improve myself - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Just because 2020 was a tough sh*tty year does not mean I will take the backseat and go easy on myself. If anything, it is a calling to get my priorities in-line with my passion, saying the hard good-byes to people who are not worthy of my time, and honoring my body. After all, if my cup is full with gratitude and I am in good health - I am in more of a position to help others - and inspire. Below read some inspo for ushering in the New Year.

Mind & Spirit

This has been a heavy hitting year, shaking up norms, challenging beliefs, bringing forth a feeling of vulnerability, and a sadness from the level of corruption seen amongst our governing bodies (both red and blue) this year. To top it off, the isolation! But, let it teach us this: resiliency, independence and defiance. The acts of getting your mind right, balancing your pleasure and work, appreciating your beauty and standing up for your medical freedom is the patriarchy's nightmare. This year I am working on building confidence to pursue my passion without apology, expressing my emotion that I will no longer repress, and taking time to myself all the while experimenting with beautiful luxurious I surround myself with. So what might this look like in a typical day? Below find some tips I'm holding myself to.

  • The day starts with meditation, scents, candles, and sacred smoke (not the checking of email and my cell phone that emits harmful blue light, the red light from the candles is much more soothing and not shocking to the system). This time could also include a cup of tea or coffee to share with my spirit guides and the pulling of tarot cards.

  • A 10 minute sunrise bath to connect to the earth and sync my circadian rhythm (essential to building immunity).

  • Breaking away from the monotony to do what feels right, especially as it pertains to work. If I am not passionate about what I am working on, I can not be confident.

  • Exercising the mind and spirit with beauty. Are there weaknesses you want to work on Face it will all have them. From nervousness around certain situations, physical dis-ease, anger, etc. If these emotions and feelings stand in the way of what you want - challenge them. One way to do this is to improve your ability in the clairs such as clairvoyance (to picture within the mind or project), clairtangency (to feel), clairgustance (to taste), clairalience (to smell), and clairaudience (to hear). Pick your abilities that are strongest and call on them in times of need (and work on ones that need strengthening). A play out of Mat Auryn's latest book the Psychic Witch (which I highly recommend) is to call up the taste of honey when your voice is shaking or unsure before delivering a public speech. Or in the cold of winter "feel" the sun's rays, the warmth on your bare skin, and picture this healing light engulfing your body if unwell. Feeling stressed, picture and hold the image of a flower or plant ally that calls to you, hold the image and go through the clairs. What does that plant feel like, taste like, smell like, and what are the sounds that surround it? Associate the pleasant with the unpleasant you are experiencing. Don't be afraid to call in beauty to overcome the small to large hurdles of life.

  • Find your chill-out mode by finding our your personality type. Check out the Myers-Briggs model for guidance. For instance I learned that my relax mode is not being productive. Turns out to be pretty accurate, and I feel good when I give myself time and permission to do so (or well nothing).


For the month of January I like to reset my body (or rather nourish it from all the junk I ate around the holidays). I don't punish or deprive myself, rather its a focus on "eating like my life depends on it." And really it does. I'll take extra time to prepare meal plans, find healthy versions of the things I crave, grocery shopping lists and prep. Eating well takes effort, it is very much an intentional sacred act. To help make my life easier, for Christmas this year I asked for cooking gadgets and tools such as an Instant Pot . I kid you not, it can cook a meal (aka pressure cook it) in under 10 minutes and it breaks down harmful lectins that for many cause inflammation in the gut.

Around this time of year, I also make sure to visit my naturopath to see where I'm at in terms of possible food allergens, supportive supplements, and any mineral/vitamin deficiencies. Good news is, most insurances are now covering these visits. Take advantage of it! Of course cramming in those five greens a day (seasonal varieties first choice) is priority, and trust me I do it whenever and wherever I can. My late morning pick-me-up is a coconut milk matcha late with fresh cilantro, 2-3 drops of vanilla stevia liquid, and spirulina all blended up to perfection. Believe it or not, it is delicious!

Hydration is also key, and does the whole body good inside and out. Not a huge fan of drinking plain water, check out the book Beauty Water: Everyday Hydration Recipes for Wellness and Self-care by Tori Holmes. And just a tip for all you lemon water drinkers in the morning, wait a 1/2 hour before brushing your teeth (the acid with weaken your enamel and overtime gray of the teeth).

Self-message is a great way to connect and nourish your body during the harsh of winter. If you can swing it, a morning wakeup and evening cool down message is ideal. Message your body with warmed oil (not hot) before a shower, or message your body with oil while your skin is still moist from getting out of the shower or bath. The oil will trap the moisture, keep your skin supple and sooth nerves close to the skin's surface. I also use oils to message the ears, a good garlic mullein oil within the ear (just a couple drops to ward off ear infections and the like), and I enjoy oil pulling with coconut oil to whiten the teeth and rid my mouth of bacteria (swish for at least five minutes then spit out).

Movement, movement, movement. Try the best you can with all this time indoors and get creative. Mix in mediation and breath work to get the most out of your workout. Another plus, most fitness classes are now offered online and at reduced rates (if not free) making them more accessible then ever. Right now I'm all about Mary Helen Bowers' ballet workouts. Working out helps lubricate the body, release toxins, and combat seasonal stress and depression.


This time of year I reevaluate my beauty regime and how I present myself to the world. I want to make sure I feel good while doing it and step into my look with confidence. Its not just a suit of armor, it is a from of respect for yourself. Take time to iron those clothes, prep those outfits, care for your hair and nails, and keep clean. You deserve nothing less, don't present yourself as if you are anything of the lesser sort. Stumbling out of bed with little intent gives others invitation to treat you like a walking door mat. Here are some of my tips for playing around with personal beauty:

  • Clean out your vanity. Throw away beauty products that are expired and growing bacteria (most expire in under one year if natural, four months or less for mascara). Also throw away products that you do not love, cause skin irritation or contain harmful ingredients. Not sure, check out the Environmental Working Group's page. Also have fun with color and makeup - be bold with red lips, rouge cheeks, and line those eyes if you feel called to do so. Glamour magick is always fun. For instance if you want others to focus on what you are saying, wear a red lipstick to capture their attention and may it bring you an edge of confidence.

  • Focus on the occult of the "under-wear" - the unseen lovelies that make you feel good like those lingerie sets, or charms and necklaces that you wear close to your skin. These are the pieces that you wear for you. Toss any socks, underwear or support wear that has holes, stains or simply does not fit - you must feel good and learn to dress for yourself (and starting with what lies beneath is a good place to start).

Above all, enjoy yourself witches and may 2021 bring your cheer and health!

I am grateful for all of you and the support you have given me this year.

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