The Health Witch Podcast

To all the Health Witch supporters, thank you for keeping this podcast going, supporting small business and those in need (every little thing counts!) 

The Health Witch Podcast is an exploration of:


  • One tarot card of the day

  • A beauty recipe

  • A herb of the day – how we use it, how we enjoy it & how to appreciate its' magick

  • Witchcraft in practice, how it relates to health

  • A historical note to honor witches, healers and women of past & present 

Hosted by Dr. Ashley B. Murphy, PhD, MPH, CHES, is the head witch, writer, certified Health Education Specialist, and Folk & Community Herbalist of H.W. Apothecary with over ten years’ experience. Her work has been featured in the International Witches Magazine and the Travel Witch blog.

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