Community Health Educator & Herbalist

Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy

Dr. Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy, Ph.D., MPH, CHES, is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and Folk & Community Herbalist based in Connecticut (USA) with over ten years of experience. Her specialty is holistic community healthcare, ancestral medicine, nutrition, and herbalism. Her work has been featured by The International Witches Magazine, the Witch Way Magazine, The Travel Witch Blog, the Brave Daughters of Providence, VisualMag, and the Boston Women's Market. She is also the host of the Health Witch Podcast. 


HW Apothecary

Skincare Consultation with Ashley A. Bissonnette-Murphy 

* Is your skin out of balance? * Is your skin red and reactive? * Do you have acne? * Is your skin congested and or dull? * Struggling with skin symptoms from a health condition? * Looking to improve your current skincare regime to age gracefully? *

Ashley is available for custom blend consultations on phone or Zoom sessions. 

Skincare oils have been used since antiquity as dermatological therapy and aromatic healing because of their rich antioxidants, lipid protecting, purifying, and uplifting plant essence properties. Oils sustainably harvested are pure, and do not require detergents, parabens, preservatives, or petrochemicals to remain self-stable. Meaning, all custom oil blends are individually created for your body constitution, without any of the ingredients that impair your skin’s microbiome, cause skin irritation, or toxicity like most products sold at conventional drugstores or high-end beauty departments.

Since creating HW in 2019, I have been offering organic, never “plasticized,” sustainably sourced oils for clear and healthy skin. Seeking out some of the best fair-trade farms in the world with uncompromised soils, waters, and plant products with efficacy, and offering custom face oils at accessible prices. HW face oils are never cut with inexpensive or potentially pore-clogging oils like coconut, canola, or safflower, and do not contain artificial fragrances.

Your 30-minute session includes herbal, dietary, lifestyle recommendations, discussions about your skin history and personality, and how to improve your current skincare regimen. Because skin conditions mirror imbalance within the body, a holistic approach to skincare is taken. Each session also comes with a 1-ounce bottle of custom facial oil, a digital guide of instruction and recommendations, and a 30-minute follow-up session. Session cost: $270.00 *Includes shipping

To book a session with Ashley, please email info@healthwitch.org and we’ll get back to you in 1-2 business days with the next steps. 

If you have had an appointment with Ashley, and you just want to re-purchase a bottle of your custom facial oil, just contact Ashley at info@healthwitch.org. A quote will first be provided and emailed to you. Prices are based on custom ingredients and market prices.

Herbal Consultation & Health Coaching with Dr. Ashley A. Bissonnette-Murphy 

* Need help building a healthy routine? * Not sure what to eat or even how to cook? * Want to know what herbs are best for your body to aid in detoxification, weight control, sleep, and beauty? * Need help with stress management? * Just want to feel good and improve your body's resistance to disease? *

Ashley is available for consultations on phone or Zoom sessions. 

Discover your individual approach to good health with Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy.


Each consultation is 60 minutes via phone or Zoom. The session covers herbal, lifestyle, food, and supplement recommendations. Included is a 60-minute follow-up session to cover your detailed personal program and instruction. Session cost: $300.00  

* Herbalists in this country cannot diagnose or cure conditions, this consultation is to guide you to a healthier lifestyle. It is also important that you work with your medical or naturopathic doctor for serious health conditions *

To book a session with Ashley, please email info@healthwitch.org and we’ll get back to you in 1-2 business days with the next steps.

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